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  • SCAN-P9

    High precision industrial 3D  scannerSingle capture range50x40mm2100x75mm2200x150mm2400x300mm2800x600mm2Single capture precision0.01-0.05mmDot pitch0.05-0.8mmScan modeNon-cantct Three-Dimensional Read More

  • SCAN-P3

    High-speed camera: high-speed 5 million industrial digital cameras, imported industrial lens.Fast scan: single scan ≤ 3 seconds, high efficiency.High precision: intelligent fusion, single scan accurac Read More

  • SCAN-P8

    · Automatic scanning· Automatic splicingHigh speed camera 1.3 million or 5 million industrial digital camera.Fast scan: single scan ≤ 3 seconds.High precision: intelligent fusion, single-scan accuracy Read More

  • SCAN-P6/SCAN-P6+

    1. High precision: scanning accuracy of 0.1mm or less, compared to laser scanning technology, higher precision.2. Quick scan: turntable automatic scanning mode, industrial camera, single scan within 5 Read More

  • SCAN-P5

    High-speed camera: high-speed 1.3 million industrial digital camera, imported industrial lens.• Quick scan: single scan ≤ 5 seconds, high efficiency (higher pixel, faster customizable).• High precisio Read More

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