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High-speed camera: high-speed 1.3 million industrial digital camera, imported industrial lens.
• Quick scan: single scan ≤ 5 seconds, high efficiency (higher pixel, faster customizable).
• High precision: intelligent fusion, single scan accuracy of up to 0.005-0.06mm.
• Strong splicing function: three kinds of splicing function: punctuation automatic stitching, rotating automatic stitching, feature stitching
• Scan principle: multi-frequency phase shift, non-contact camera scan.
• Scanning range: different models of different scanning range, to adapt to scan different objects.
• Measured output data: Can be output as ASC, STL, PLY, OBJ and other formats, can be directly with Geomagic, UG, CATIA, Pro / E, Master CAM and other software data exchange data.
• Support system: Windows7, Windows 10
• LED light source, light source life of more than 30000h
• Easy to operate: simple interface, easy to learn.
• Integrated design: hardware system small size, easy to dismount, easy to carry.

Single Range50x40mm2
Single Precision0.01mm
Single Pitch0.04mm
Scan Size100mm the Following
Applicable AreasDental, Jewelry, Jade Carving, Jade Carving Precision Components
Scanning MethodNon-Contact Three-Dimensional Scanning (White / Blue Light Camera Type)
StitchingFeature Stitching, Automatic Turntable, Punctual Splicing
Turntable Diameters220-250mm
Data DisplayDirectly Generate Triangles
Camera Pixels2×1,300,000High With 2×5,000,000 PX
Single Time≤5s
OSWin 7 /Win 10
Power Supply045100240V AC

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