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High-speed camera: high-speed 5 million industrial digital cameras, imported industrial lens.
Fast scan: single scan ≤ 3 seconds, high efficiency.
High precision: intelligent fusion, single scan accuracy ≤ 0.008mm.
Strong splicing function: three kinds of splicing function: rotating automatic stitching, feature stitching
· Scanning principle: multi-frequency phase shift, non-contact camera scanning.
· Scanning range: different models of different scanning range, to adapt to scan different objects.
· Measurement output data: can be output as ASC, STL, PLY, OBJ and other formats, can be directly with Geomagic, UG, CATIA, Pro / E, Master CAM and other software data exchange data.
Support system: WindowsXP, Windows 7
· LED light source, light source life of more than 30000h
* Easy to operate: the interface is simple, users easy to learn.
· Integrated design: hardware system small size, easy to dismount, easy to carry.
Computer configuration requirements: CPU: clocked at 2GHz or more (such as i5 or above), memory: 4G or more, hard disk: 500G or more, motherboard interface: 3 USB or more, 1 HDMI interface. Operating system: Windows7 64 Bit.

Single Range100x75-400x300mm2 
Single Precision≤0.008mm
Single Pitch0.16-0.04mm
Scan Size100mm The Following
Applicable AreasToys, Mold Manufacturing, Education And Training, And So OnToys, Mold Manufacturing, Footwear, Industrial Design, Sculpture And So On
Scanning MethodNon-Contact Three-Dimensional Scanning (White / Blue Light Camera Type)
StitchingFeature Stitching, Automatic Turntable, Punctual Splicing
Turntable Diameters220-250mm
Data DisplayDirectly Generate Triangles
Camera Pixels2×1,300,000(High With 2×5,000,000 PX
Single Time≤3s
OSWin XP /Win 7 /Win 10 64 bit
Power Supply045100240V AC

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