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Forming Size(MM)200x110x360mm
XYAxis Accuracy0.1mm
Use IndustryHand Model, Industrial Products
Z-Axis Accuracy (Stratified Thickness)0.01MM
Forming TechnologyDPM
Forming Speed2-10 Miao / layer
Print Temperature18°— 40°
Light Curing Wavelength Range380nm-420nm
Controlling ZBOT Software
Enter The Formatstl
Pperating SystemWindows 7/10
Net Weight Of Equipment46kg
Power Requirements100-120V,2Amp  ; 220-240V,1Amp
Data InterfaceOffline Printing, Support USB USB Flash Drive
After-Sales Service And Technical SupportWarranty For One Year, The Software Free Upgrades For Life (See Technical Service Accessories)
Environmental RequirementsTemperature 10℃-32℃,Humidity 20%-80%
Printer MaterialPhotosensitive Resin


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