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The 123rd Guangzhou fair again focused on the stereoscopic
- 2019-4-10 15:11:48 -

The China import and export fair, known as"The Canton fair", was founded in the spring of 1957, during the spring and autumn every year held in guangzhou.Is China is currently the longest history, highest level, largest scale, most complete items, to purchaser country region's most widely distributed and most, clinch a deal the best effect, the credibility of the best comprehensive international trade event.

At the same time Canton fair which is our country foreign trade"An indicator"And"The barometer","China's no.1”。

Canton fair of 61 years of history up to now, follow the below small make up together to review the history change of the Canton fair ~

In 1957-1965, initial

, in the early days after foundation of western countries for China's economic blockade, Canton fair shoulder the important task of export and purchase necessary goods."God closed a door for China, but open a window, the window is the guangzhou trade fair, open at the same time the trade routes to southeast Asia and the west.

  • 1956: "the China council for the promotion of international trade" in the name of the original sino-soviet friendship mansion in guangzhou held a two-month "China export commodity exhibition";

  • 1957:The first session of the Canton fair held in guangzhou, originally called the "Chinese export commodities fair";

  • 1958: Canton fair export turnover was $100 million for the first time, $150 million;

The picture shows the guest to attend the first session of the Canton fair industrial hall

The picture shows the first session of the Canton fair held in sino-soviet friendship mansion

In 1966-1977, growth period

"Cultural revolution" ten years of turmoil, Canton fair without interruption, supporting the export of China's foreign trade "half", become an important window of China's foreign trade, foreign exchange.

  • 1967: prime minister zhou ChunJiaoHui, mass organizations and do the work, to ensure the fair held smoothly;

  • 1972: the sino-us joint communique issued after the ChunJiaoHui were invited to present at the meeting than 42 people, this is China's trade interrupt more than 20 years after the American businessmen to come to the meeting for the first time;

  • To some extent, the Canton fair held on a regular basis and development, for China's political, economic and diplomatic new breakthrough laid a solid foundation;

In 1978-1991, the transition

After the third plenary session of the Canton fair changed in the past only by professional foreign trade corporation group exhibition, a batch of industry and trade, technology trade, military trade enterprises and sino-foreign joint venture enterprises to enter the Canton fair, promote the export commodity structure optimization.The fair itself in the way of enterprise management, ZuZhan also has carried on the reform, the trade way, etc.

  • 1978: spring Canton fair, and merchants from 98 countries and regions, a total of 17500 people.

  • 1980: Canton fair began to trade;

  • 1982: the exhibition time reduced from 1 month to 20 days;

  • 1983: sino-foreign joint ventures for the first time to carry out export trading business;

  • 1985: the U.S. vice President bush is visiting the autumn Canton fair exchange;

  • 1989: a year two annual export volume of $10 billion for the first time, up to 10.89 billion dollars.The new economic zone international;The exhibition time shortened again, 20 days to 15 days;

  • 1991: the autumn Canton fair, increased to 129 countries and regions, a total of 45700 people;

The picture shows the 50th opening of the Canton fair

The picture shows the 50th Canton fair symbol design

Since 1992, leap-forward development

  • 1993: a "group of city, according to the mass of a house", the reform of a total 45 international, pilot light textile trade fair;

  • 1994: Canton fair began to press the "group of city, chamber of commerce group pavilion, pavilion group," the exhibition industry solution ZuZhan.Pavilion set up six big industry.During the fall rendezvous, merchants more than 50000 people, 140 countries and regions to participate in, turnover in excess of $10 billion.

  • 1996: Canton fair investment increased, invited well-known foreign business trade groups and senior trade representative assemblies;

  • 1999: private enterprises exhibition for the first time;

  • 2000: Canton fair session from 15 days to 12 days;Merchants above 100000 people;

  • 2001: China's accession to the wto, open exhibition business, Canton fair face to face with challenge;ChunJiaoHui merchants more than 110000 people, clinch a deal amount of $15.8 billion;Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights;

  • 2002: first to the two phases, each six days, the period of two to wait four days;At the same time, will arrange the goods classification, exhibited in the two periods respectively;

  • 2003: "SARS", the Canton fair held on schedule;More than 150000 people fall rendezvous to purchaser, turnover in excess of $20 billion, part of the exhibition held in pazhou exhibition hall commissioning;

  • 2004: to expand again in the Canton fair in pazhou exhibition hall and liuhua road exhibition held two hall two phases at the same time;The first time in exhibition on the share of domestic manufacturing enterprises more than foreign trade enterprises;

  • 2005: exhibition area of 555000 square meters, the scale ranked second single two-year exhibition;

  • 2006: the 100th Canton fair will be held in guangzhou pazhou international exhibition center;

  • 2007: China changed its name to the Chinese export commodities fair import and export fair;

  • 2013:Canton fair e-commerce platform is launched;


Pazhou, guangzhou, the guangzhou trade fair pavilion

As of 2018, the guangzhou trade fair has been accompany us through61A year, although the spring Canton fair is coming to an end, but a good does not stop, new Canton fair or promise to more Canton fair story continues...

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